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About CVS
An academic certificate/transcript is an official document provided by a University stating names, dates of attendance, award of degree, student gender, nationality, grades etc. It is typically requested for by potential employers, agencies, universities, embassies and councils who wish to verify whether an individual is a past student of a university or college, the award and grade they received, and their dates of attendance.

Online and Automated

The Certificate Verification System (CVS) is an online, automated service that enables you to instantly verify degrees/diplomas and certifications from participating universities and higher education institutions. Our verification service can be used to assist businesses and organizations in recruitment since it helps cut overall expenses and reduces financial risks related to academic fraud.

Cost Effective

CVS is a new unique, easy to use and cost-effective way of checking on the authenticity and validity of certificates/transcripts at anytime, from anywhere using any digital device connected to the Internet. It is available for any signed up and participating university